Explore the range of due diligence services available in Ontario – they may be the key to a successful investigation

Due-Diligence Services Ontario


Conducting appropriate due-diligence is becoming increasingly commonplace for small, medium, and large businesses alike.  Due-diligence is the investigation of a person or business prior to the signing of a contract and/or engagement of services.  Due-diligence is part of good business practice and in some cases, can be a regulatory requirement. 




Investigative services that use Due-diligence


Due diligence can be a part of various types of investigations such as: background research, surveillance, forensics etc.




Background Research

Methods for conducting background research on individuals and/or businesses can be minimal or extensive based on requirements and potential risk.  Due-diligence or pre-screening research can be utilized for pre-employment, business relationships, personal relationships etc.  MKD international offers and provides discreet and thorough investigations when dealing with such matters. Due-diligence can take on many forms depending on the needs of the client including social media research, public, government and court document searches, and surveillance etc.